Sofia Dolfe

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"Big league" is the best way to describe Sofia’s off-the-charts dedication. She’s up-levelled our game beyond what we thought possible.
Milan Daniels,

Co-Founder & co-CEO of Otrium


Sofia is an investor with a passion for consumer businesses spanning ecommerce, sustainability, healthtech and gaming. Focused on mainland Europe and the Nordics, she is fascinated by companies tackling the problem of sustainability, as well as large markets that may have been neglected because of their complexity or customer base. She works with companies including Kry, one of Europe’s largest digital healthcare businesses; Rohlik, the European online grocery service, last valued at $1.2 billion; Otrium, a fashion marketplace for excess stock and end-of-season items; and mobile-games maker Dream Games.

Before joining Index in 2018, Sofia worked as an investor at EQT Ventures in Stockholm and a consultant at EY-Parthenon in London and Paris. She also spent time with the European Union Delegation to the OECD.

Sofia is a graduate of the London School of Economics (M.Sc. Management) and of the University of Edinburgh (M.A.), where she graduated at the top of her class.

Sofia has worked with entrepreneurs who founded Dream Games, Kry | Livi, Otrium and Rohlik.

In conversation

What do you look for in a B2C investment?

Sofia — I’m excited by consumer opportunities that demonstrate strong communities and customer love. Whether this comes across in a company’s reviews, retention data or referral volumes, I think it speaks to exciting engagement in the product that’s worth further exploration. I’m also keen on business models that help empower behavioral shifts, create powerful network effects, or reshape the velocity of industries that are largely slow moving or analog.

What do you enjoy most about being an investor?

Sofia — I love the people discovery element of the job. Understanding why founders decided to start their business and honing in on what it was that drove them to want to solve the problem they are tackling fascinates me. The learning curve as an investor is also endless, and I’m constantly reading up on new spaces and trying to break down market subsegments and business model nuances to try and pick up on promising signals to better help companies early on in their lifecycle.