Kyle Harrison



Kyle joined Index Ventures in 2020 with a focus on venture and growth investments across the software landscape. Prior to Index, Kyle was at Coatue where he was part of a small team driving growth software investments including the firm's investments in Gitlab, Onetrust, Attentive Mobile, and Gong, as well as spending time at TCV. Before starting his investing career, Kyle was an instructor at Brigham Young University and ran a solar distribution company in Uganda and a professional services marketplace in Utah.

Kyle graduated from Brigham Young University with a B.S. in Accounting. He lives in Millbrae with his wife and two sons enjoying hiking, camping, and reading as often as possible. 

In Conversation

What types of founders do you most enjoy working with?

Kyle – There is nothing more inspiring to me than someone who is obsessed with solving a problem. I love finding maniacal founders that are passionate about the problem at hand and work to create the products and the world that they wish existed. On top of that I strive to work with founders who are good people and work to lift those around them. I have found that people with a combination of both are the ones who go the distance. 

What do you look for in the companies you invest in? 

Kyle – I'm a person who thinks in systems. In software a product represents a productized system working to solve specific problems. The companies that recognize the systems behind their product are truly special. They see systems that include people and process and try to augment performance. When a company can combine a solution to a critical problem, a community of like minded users, and a model that appeals to stakeholders– where do I sign? 

Pokémon played a role in your introduction to venture, what's the story there?

Kyle – I paid for college by building a business around videography and one of the videos that I made was called Pokémon Love Song. When I first applied for a job at a venture fund, part of the application was "share something you've made that you're proud of," so I sent over my video. Years later I found out that they liked my video so much they gave me my first shot in venture!